Parents of autistic children can feel scared, isolated, and hopeless. We know, because we’ve been there! You want your child to become an independent, skilled, happy, and valued member of the community. But how do you get there? You probably feel like you’ve tried everything. Maybe many of the things you’ve used in the past either brought no results or were even harmful to your child. It’s hard to know what’s best for your child. And the bombardment of lies that surrounds parents of autistic children certainly doesn’t help.


red-crossLIE # 1

Autism is all bad. Autistic people should be taught to be more “neurotypical.”

Aris4Autism Way

red-crossLIE # 2

Experts alone are the answer.

Aris4Autism Way

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One form of therapy shines above all other approaches.

Aris4Autism Way

No wonder why so many parents don’t get the results they’re hoping for. We’re a group of autism professionals such as psychologist, behavior analysts, as well as speech- and occupational therapists. Many of us are also special needs parents. We’ve teamed up with a group of computer coders to craft something unique.

Aris4Autism empowers autism parents with evidence-based digital solutions and expert help so that their child can leap towards independence and happiness.


Removes or radically decreases negative behaviours

Removes or radically decreases challenging behaviours

Dramatically increases skills

Dramatically increases skills

making autism kid independent

Boosts independence

Removes uncertainty about what and how to teach with Aris4Autism

Removes uncertainty about what and how to teach

Saves time: No more driving to therapy or looking for information!

Saves time: No more driving to therapy or looking for information!

Save money from expensive unqualified therapists

Saves money: No more expensive treatments that bring no results!


  • Comprehensive assessment of your child’s skills and challenging behaviors
  • Unique intervention plan combining several evidence-based methods
  • A program that doesn’t aim to force your child into a neurotypical mold
  • Strong parental involvement
  • Support from expert and other parents

Comprehensive assessment of your child’s skills and challenging behaviors

You simply can’t build an effective treatment plan for a child without knowing what kind of skills they have which ones they haven’t develop yet. Similarly, you can’t build a plan to reduce their challenging behaviors if you don’t know what challenging behaviors they might have and what’s causing them. And you can’t limit yourself to just behaviors only. It’s important to consider sensory issues and possible psychological problems that they might have.

That’s why our app’s first step is an initial assessment of well over 1000 questions that helps determine a child’s developmental level across 7 different domains as well as any behavioral and psychological problems the child might have.

Luckily, no one actually needs to sit through +1000 questions during an assessment because our app is intelligent. As the assessment is filled, it learns about your child and asks you only the questions it deems to be relevant to your child.

Unique intervention plan combining several evidence-based methods

We all know how different the challenges that people with autism face are. Then how could a one-stop solution address the problems of all people on the spectrum? No such miracle exists! The only solution is to use detailed, individualized plans.

Because we use an intelligent, exhaustive assessment, that’s exactly what we create! Our plans are thorough and fit your child perfectly!

Another thing that makes our approach unique is that we combine many evidence-based methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), play therapy, and sensory therapies. Again, the reason for this is that there simply isn’t a single method that addresses problems that range from anxiety to physical aggression, and from skill development to sensory seeking behaviors.

Instead of focusing on a single method, we read the latest scientific findings in our fields and even conduct our own research to ensure that we’re using only the very best methods for each unique challenge while designing programs for autistic people. Our goal is to create individualized, effective plans that respect autistic people and make learning fun for them.

A program that doesn’t aim to force your child into a neurotypical mold

We believe that autism isn’t something that needs to be cured or fixed. Instead, we believe we’re all better off teaching autistic children new skills so that they can become as independent as possible while reducing behaviors that can be harmful to themselves or others such as physical aggression. But if they enjoy flapping their hands, let them! Hey, we might even join the dance!

Strong parental involvement

Research has shown us time and time again that if you want to achieve great results with autism intervention, you must involve parents. It’s simply not enough for a child to see a therapist.

No, the real key to significant, long-lasting changes are parents that have been thoroughly trained to implement their child’s intervention plan. This is exactly what you receive with us! You’ll be given detailed videos and step-by-step instructions written in everyday language so that you’ll be able to put your child’s plan in action the moment you get your hands on it.

Support from expert and other parents

Although we do our best to provide parents with everything they need to successfully implement their plan, and we also throw in an expert-led parent support group so that they can share your disappointments and success stories with the only people who truly understand: other autism parents.

Gold plan
Still we know that many of you wish to have more guidance from our experts, and for those parents we offer Gold and Platinum plans. In the Gold plan, you will get a everything that the Silver plan members get plus weekly online group meeting with the kind of expert that your child needs the most such as a Floortime specialist. You can even get help from two experts in different areas if that is what your child needs.

Platinum plan
For those of you, who wish to have expert help privately, we offer a Platinum membership, that allows you to meet with an expert 2-4 times per month. You can also choose to have two experts in two different areas. Naturally, you also get to join all the group sessions with the the Gold members.


Want to take charge of their child’s treatment

Want to take charge of their child’s treatment.

Father helping son with Autism spectrum disorder

Have limited time and/or financial resources.

Doctor from Aris4Autism team feeding hungry boy

Struggle with their child’s worst behaviours.

Father helping son with Autism spectrum disorder

Are worried about the child’s limited skills.

Learn to tackle your child's destructive behaviors!

Want a plan with step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions.

Doctor Team of Aris4Autism

Want a program that has been proven effective.

Examples of the

At Aris4Autism, we know that every child is different. This is why we insist on conducting a comprehensive assessment for each of our clients. This ensures we develop programs for them tailored to fit their strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, we want to give you few examples of what kind of content you can expect from the Aris4Autism Program.

Discrete Trial Training Video

Discrete Trial Training Video

Challenging Emotions - Anxiety and Worry

Challenging Emotions - Anxiety and Worry

Handout: What goes together

Handout: What goes together?

Make kids happy by helping them with Autism spectrum disorder

Skills: Requesting verbally for a visible, out of reach item

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  • Reducing Destructive Behaviors

  • +

    Increasing Skills

  • +

    Expert Support

  • +

    Well-Informed Parents

  • =


Your Roadmap

  • Complete an online assessment of your child

  • Receive an individualized intervention plan

  • Get the training and materials to implement the plan

  • Join our expert-supervised private support group for parents

  • Gold and Platinum plan: Attend online group meetings lead by experts in different areas

  • Platinum plan: Attend private online meetings with our experts in different areas

  • Watch how your child is progressing via our online data collection system

You have a choice to make

Now that you know how you can take your child towards independence and happiness, the only thing left for you to decide is whether you want to do it yourself or with our support. We did it ourselves. It took us years of studying and we made lots of mistakes on the way, but we made it through the maze. But it was only after we met other professionals and autism parents that were we apple to put all the puzzle pieces together and find a solution the challenges that autistic children face. If you want to do it alone, we wish you and your child the best of luck, but if you want to join the Aris4Autism family, we want to make it even easier for you:


Would you like to try our program for a single dollar?

For a single dollar, we will assess your child and design an individualized intervention plan for them.

Save money from expensive unqualified therapists

Start dreaming about your child's future

Our programs promote important skills for individuals on the spectrum and help reduce their problematic behaviors, leading to happier and more independent lives. Aris4Autism also empowers parents of autistic children, boosting their confidence in their ability to help their children, as well as make them happier and more hopeful about the future of their child.

Free Gift

Reading through all that must have been a lot. Since you made it all the way to the end, we would like to thank you by sending you a FREE GIFT. Would you learn to use play to enter a shared state of joy with your autistic child. Play is a gentle, relationship centered approach that helps your child develop their problem solving, communication, and social skills in a fun way. At Aris4Autism we use Floortime the most effective type of play therapy for autism. If you would like to receive our play guide just fill out your name and e-mail address and we rush it to you.

    We need an invitation somewhere to partake in our study


    “There are no services available in our town, and I always thought it was way too difficult to learn to do autism intervention on your own. But Aris4Autism plan was very easy to follow. Whenever we have problems, we can count on them to help us. They’re usually very quick to get back to us too. I’m incredibly grateful. Our son has made so much progress and is really happy doing the exercises! I don’t think that any expert could have accomplished more than what me and my wife have done with Aris4Autism.”

    - Mark

    “I just wanted to let you know that we can go to a mall now since Jason no longer panics after seeing a flash of lights or hears a loud sound. He no longer eats only baby food or climbs on furniture. Only another parent of an autistic child can understand how huge such changes feel. I am so happy I contacted Aris4Autism. You are making miracles.”

    - Jennifer

    “Thank you, Aris4Autism! Jasmin stays dry through the night and is no longer fighting us every time she has to take a shower! She travels to school without any problem behaviors, and yesterday she gave me a hug! I am sure you remember that a couple of months ago, she could not tolerate any touch and was screaming when I even mentioned shower. I am telling everyone about you! We are so grateful!”

    - Susan

    “My family has tried so many different ways to help our teenaged twins on the spectrum that I had given up hope. Luckily, my husband nearly forced me to start working with Aris 4 Autism. Both of our sons were picky eaters and were mainly living on chicken nuggets. In addition, public masturbation was a big problem for us, and it was nearly impossible for me to take the boys outside of our house since I could not stop them from doing it. Also, since they were both non-verbal, I never knew what they wanted or what got them upset. Aris 4 Autism changed all this. We learned to communicate with our children, and they eat well, and there is no more public masturbation! Aris 4 Autism should charge twice what they are asking, and it would be worth it! Call them right away!”

    - Ann

    “We had dinner at a restaurant with our autistic daughter last night! This may seem like such an everyday thing, but for our family, it was a dream come true! A few months ago, our daughter would take all her clothes off when she got upset. Since she’s 30, we used to get into all kinds of problems because people just don’t understand autism! She also used to run away from me after hearing loud sounds. I’m not that young anymore, so I could not stop her. She is no longer afraid of loud sounds and hardly ever tries to run away. I don’t even remember the last time she tried to take her clothes off in public. Although she is still non-verbal, she has learned to use other ways of communication during her intervention. It is a lot easier for us to understand her now. I don’t know how to thank you, Aris4Autism.”

    - Bonnie

    “With the help of the Aris4Austims program, I taught my son how to use language when no therapist had managed to do it!”

    - Patrick

    “No more waiting outside the therapy room wondering why my child is crying or what they are doing there! I am my son’s therapist now thanks to the Aris4Autism program and my son actually enjoys our activities instead of crying!”

    - Maria

    “When we started the Aris4Autism program, our son, who is on the spectrum, did not speak and was really aggressive. Just after a few short weeks, he started saying words and is using sentences now! His physical aggression has dropped from several times per day to a few times a month! I never thought that I would see results like this! And to think that it was mainly me and my husband who worked with him, not some expensive therapist is mind-blowing! Thank you so much!”

    - Shannon

    "We had a negative experience with so many companies before. I had to force our son to see them and it broke my heart to see how they treated him like a dog. It seems that they only wanted to teach him how to obey and everything my son did was somehow bad for them. Aris4Autism is so different. You really showed that you cared and learning how to help my son at home has been the best thing! Now I can be sure that nobody is mistreating my son anymore!”

    - Amy